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Bored of Perfection

I need to tell you what I always had to
Your beauty is as stunning as a statue
Your eyes seems full of sense
You sure got lots of fans
But though there's something that I feel is wrong

There's something all about you and the fact is
Your moves result of everlasting practice
The wind inside your hair
Is fake so I don't care
About the superficial side of you

You only drink the best wines just decanted
Your face's like porcelain but I don't want it
Your smile is like a dawn
But causes me to yawn
I'm bored to death of all the things you do

The things you represent are lies
You're playing paintball with my eyes
You say that you ain't harming
The ones who think you're charming
You sold your soul, the price was paid

My soul was not to sacrifice
Now guess who really pays the price
They are the ones that fancy
Your body and you can't see
It's just caused by your masquerade

Your idols have got ravens on their shoulder
They let you look into their private folder
The reason's just the same
The ravens all are tame
For noone wants their eye to be picked out

Your hair is coloured black to look more vicious
Authenticy asks to act superstitious
No stuff you haven't paid
A silly goth sharade
You don't know what it's really all about

I don't know what you want to fight
A feeling comes from deep inside
You may feel defended
Emotionally stranded
You see the people as a game

I don't know why you got this way
That got no friend left to betray
The hatred you have founded
The no-one that will count it
And you became like one of them

And I'm so bored of your perfection
I'm so sick of your election
To be part of the system
That has become your custom
Although you claim to be unique

Your greatest price became a loss
Your prudence is ridiculous
You wanna be a can't-be
Your inner state is empty
And then you're calling me a freak
Then you're calling me a freak

Your daily masquerade became a ritual
But you claim to be oh so individual
And though you act alive
You're running with the hive
And you try hard to look and think the same

Your soul is getting paler every minute
Oh brave new world that has such people in it
I know you just don't care
Identity's despair
I wonder if you even got a name

Your own opition has been torn
You like to live all uniform
Your friend became a rival
Society's revival
Composed of all it's hardest foes

You think you got the system pissed
Cause you're an individualist
Convictions can be fog-like
Society is drug-like
You got yourself an overdose

Resistance keeps a glorious sound
You think to be so underground
Your idealism's ravished
You all are now established
The ones you're looking for to fight

The things you represent are lies
But now here comes a big surprise
You claim to be unique now
You're calling me a freak now
I'm proud to state that you are right
That you are right
3.6.08 01:59

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