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Hey there - I'm back again from a few very black days. New year's eve was pretty boring, the Kiwis don't celebrate at all, so I went to sleep at about 11, there was just bad music and later I heard about half a dozen fireworks... the next days were very bad, because everyone had a hangover. The 2.1. then was a really black day - I didn't earn one single cent, one guy poured accidentally tuna oil into my guitar case and took off without apologizing and one of the tent poles broke apart. I left Westport then (after a long time waiting for a hitchhike), and, well, got to Greymouth. And alas, no busking allowed there in front of Supermarkets... and my tent looked like a wet dream of M.C. Escher, like I got used to say, because it was (and still is) only fixed on one side while the other one is just improvised. Whatever. I left Greymouth the other day, going back to Rapahoe (it's really called like that - no offense!) where I got some couchsurfers, the Ra family, a family of very nice hippies, homeschooling and long hair and everything. Quite messy, but friendly. Then yesterday, I came over here to Wakitika, and finally am making some more money, so I'll stay here for awhile. Hopefully. And, well, yeah, that's it for the news I guess. And some people seem unable to open up the blog... is everything okay?


"I'm so emo I was punched by a carebear!"
(Writing on a truck in Westport)

"Das Volk steht wieder auf, na toll
Im weissen Neonlicht
Du weisst
Deiche brechen richtig
Oder eben nicht

Nur weil man sich so dran gewoehnt hat
Ist es nicht normal
Nur weil man es nicht besser kennt
Ist es nicht
Noch lange nicht
Egal, egal"
(Kettcar - Deiche)

5.1.08 23:55

Astrel 2.0



13.1.08 08:01

South Coast Feelings

Yeehaw, chummers. Here I am again, writing from Colac's Bay on the South Coast. Soooo, what happened so far? Last time I wrote I still was in Hokitika, but pretty soon I got bored and moved on. Got a lucky ride from an Israelian couple, but they overslept (or I misunderstood them, who knows) and we got moving later than I thought. After a few stops in Fox Glacier, where I caught another ride (Lotsandlotsandlotsof tourists) and Haast (famous for having absolutely nothing) I arrived in Wanaka. Very lovely city, the sight was amazing, an azur blue lake and sunshine and holiday feelings - but for some reason I had a bad feeling about the place. It became accurate when I didn't get a place to crash in the whole town, not even a camp site. Damnit, so I was moving on, getting picked up by a local farmer who was shipping over honey. So I ended up in Arrowtown, one of the countless "historical" places here (everything older than 30 years is historical...), an ex-goldmining town, where I camped on the river and got into a sandfly feeding frenzy. Don't laugh - watch below, I'll write something about those. Well, there were hundreds of those, clapping without aiming would 3 let drop dead - so I just put up the tent, closed down all openings and pretended to be dead. Then it was a windy night, so I didn't sleep too much... Well, the next morning I was off to Frankton, a little suburb of Queenstown, as everyone in Queenstown (very touristic city) just goes there for shopping. But, alas, I just missed the right spot and wandered through the INDUSTRIAL AREA for about an hour, until someone told me where to go. Found a lovely camping ground, walked over to the supermarket - but they wouldn't allow busking... Winning spree, eh? Then I tried to get a plastic bowl to make myself some rolled oats,and the takeaway tried to charge me one dollar for it. FOR A FUCKING EMPTY PLASTIC BOWL! I think that's a good point for visualizing the mentality around Queenstown, and as I later got there, I hated the place in an instand.

Touristic arrogance, egocentricity and unfriendlyness on every corner, and, no... just no. Got myself a hostel and tried to busk on the street and got 1,90$ in 45 minutes. That'll be about 1 Euro per hour. Me, frustrated, got to the hostel and decided to move on asap.

The next morning, I got up at 5:30 because the birds started singing. I crept out of the tent (slept in the tent now for ages) and snuggled myself in the sleeping bag under a tree near a cliff (the hostel had an amazing view over the lake - the sight was the only thing I loved on Queenstown). Watched the sunrise. And slept another 2 hours on the cliff.

Well, then I moved on, heading for Te Anau, and I got a ride, but got dropped off in the middle of nowhere and had to walk for about an hour (about one car per 20 minutes passing by - the curse of the Southlands). Eventually I got a ride and got to Te Anau, again a lovely place. Got a cool and cheap hostel, I'm allowed to busk everywhere - what to ask for more? But, well, I didn't get too much money, about 3$ per hour and I decided to cut the bullshit and take some days off with my savings, and thus I did. Yesterday, I left Te Anau and hitched over to the South Coast, because I knew there is a hostel with free internet here And after another middleofnowhere-dropoff and some hours on the beach, here I am, having fixed the blog, done a brand new TRAVEL MAP where you can check where I travelled so far and read a newsticker-like resume about the place and after writing this entry I'm gonna sit down to the "surprise" I've been planning for awhile now. Well, what else?

I'm very proud of Rob for organizing all the stuff (just had to say that ), I miss all of you guys like crazy and sometimes I think the lonelyness will kill me. Most of the time I catch myself having self-conversations, especially when it's raining and you can't do nothing but sitting in the tent, staring at the ceiling, for hours, days... it really wears you down.  Got myself a list of things and videogames I'm gonna get myself once I come back to distract my mind. Learning new songs on the guitar. Enjoying the progresses in Black Inck. And really thinking I'll come back soon...

And about sandflies, right. New Zealand Traveller's Guide, by Kris, lesson S like Sandfly.

Few people know that Sandflies is actually an abbreviation. It stands for "Sucking Assholes, Never done, fucking lurkin in endless swarms". They look exactly like european fruit flies, but they aren't as lovely. They bite. And if I say they bite, I don't mean they give you a little stitch and it itches a little bit for a day or two like european mosquitos. I mean they attack you in a swarm of dozens or hundreds and flip you the bird over your insect repellant and eat you alive and every fucking stitch keeps itching like hell for WEEKS. Most people (including me) prefer to scratch the stitches open and put saliva on it, because the wound that's caused by that is more comfortable and heals faster than just letting the stitch by itself. And now imagine having twenty of those stitches. Or thirty... and NOW try getting to fucking sleep in the evening! And the worst thing: They are EVERYWHERE. No bullshit, they are. Inside the houses, on the beach, in the woods, everywhere. They are about as wide-spread as fruit flies and house flies are over by us, taken together (considering those would attack you).

Thanks for your interest. 


14.1.08 06:10

Slightly uncomfortable.

Hi there, writing again from Tapanui (check the Travel Map to see where it is) and I am... slightly uncomfortable with the situation. In other words...


To make it short: After being a little pissed off about me having to wait up to 7 hours for the internet and the guy at the hostel not giving a shit, I was able to hitchhike to Invercargill, and discovered I left my precious leather jacket at the hostel. Fortunately, the guy from the hostel went to Inv. later and brought it to me - he wasn't so bad after all... well, anyhow. Got pretty damn ill there, in Colac Bay was EXTREME WEATHER - meaning a wind that ripped my tent out of the floor once or twice and either burning sun or pouring rain. So I got a cold, nevermind, I slept the whole afternoon, went to bed early, did some shopping for fruit juice and everything, because, after all, I SHOULD BE ABLE TO MAKE SOME FUCKING BUSKING MONEY HERE. So I get up early enough and busk.. and get friggin' 5 Dollar per hour! Frustrated to hell I left, just to be CHASED OFF THE PROPERTY BY THE CAMPGROUND OWNER BECAUSE I HAVEN'T GOT ENOUGH CASH FOR THE NEXT NIGHT AND SHE DOESN'T WANT TO WAIT UNTIL THE EVENING!

To make it short - I'm sick of it. I'm sick of not having slept in a bed since Christmas (and the time before that was the middle of november), I'm sick of talking to myself so I don't flip out over the lonelyness, I'm sick of taking so much shit, middle-fingers and rubbish in my face when busking or hitchhiking, I'm sick of it all. Today I had a decent nervous breakdown in Invercargill when EVERYTHING went wrong, crying and throwing cutlery (noone was around luckily...) To make a long story short -

I'm coming home.

I went here to determine what I wanna do in life - Check.
I went here to taste a different lifestyle - Check.
I went here to get my head free - Check.
I went here to give Black Inck the possibility to do something without the almighty keyboard - Check.
I went here to save up some money - Check.


I'm bored to death with all the different faces, the arrogant shade-wearers, I'm bored to death with the kiwi experience people just celebrating their lifes off, I'm bored of the scenery, bored of meeting new people knowing exactly that noone of them will be long enough in my life to actually MEAN something to me. I'm bored to death having to sleep in the tent, lying myself sore on some rocks, bored to death by the stones and sticks that poke in my body at night... I feel there is not much more this country can give to me.

My next plans are:

1) Getting as far as possible away from Invercargill, starting yesterday.
2) Stopping in Christchurch, meeting Anna for a few days.
3) Stopping in Arthurs Pass for Robert.
4) West Coast to earn some more money (some REAL FUCKING money.)
5) Golden Bay to steal some golden sand for the travel bureau - a man gotta keep his promises
6) Nelson for some days (there is a hostel where there is a campsite and they got CHOCOLATE PUDDING AND ICE CREAM!)
7) Back to Wellington, selling the keyboard, goodbying everyone, maybe doing some Black Inck records?
8) QUICKLY cross North Island
9) Coming back asap.

Yeah, so that's it. Fortunately, I got a real bed to crash in (although it's just a run-down hut), Sue picked me up on the street, she's got Wwoofers here (also a quite cute girl from Sweden, Antonia), and well, tomorrow I'll move on. See ya soon hopefully.

17.1.08 06:52

Black Sheep United

Hey guys, it's me again. I hope you're proud of me that I made it up to Oamaru again (see travel map), so it won't be too long til I can hit the North Island again Had to walk about 10 kilometers first before getting caught up from the nothingness of yesterday, but whatever - I survived and got some pretty friendly rides, although my cold still unnerved me. Have to get a good night's sleep I guess, so I rented myself into a backpacker hostel (LUXURY!!!) and have got a REAL BED! Can you believe it? Well, anyway, in Palmerston, after meeting a very cool guy who works with disabled children (and of course after I infiltrated him for Black Inck), I got myself one of the famous New Zealand ice creams, and - well, they live up to the myth. GIANT portions and really good taste, and, yeah. I like it. Well, then in Palmerston I got picked up by two girls who were travelling around the east coast (unfortunately they had to get back to Dunedin this evening). We strolled some beaches together and it really seems I found myself some soul mates there - cross fingers they think about writing me next week when they get internet... They called me a "Black Sheep" that doesn't go with the flock, and thinking about it, they might have a point. I'm just gonna have some dinner (noodles, preferably uncooked, just as a crispy snack) and, well, then hit the bed (BED! YES!) But first answer your emails of course Seeyou then!
18.1.08 09:30


Just a short entry - gotta go busking in a few minutes Travel map will be updated some other time, for I can't to picture editing on this PC... Well, after Oamaru I had to walk for a LONG time to get a ride, fortunately I had another hitchhiker, Lars, to kill some time. We got then a ride to Timaru, where the same thing happened again: Loooong walk. Then we got to Christchurch, where I wanted to visit Anna. Problem: The guy dropped us off FAR off the city centre and I didn't know HOW far, so I had to walk about 15 kilometers with my 20 kilogram luggage on the back... After that, I checked out the town a little bit, there has been (and still is) a busking festival, but imho it hasn't got too much to do with real busking - it's mainly world-famous artistic acts, stand-up-comedy, stuff like that. But a spoiled audience, so I didn't even try busking... well, after that I realized that there was to place for me to sleep, the hostels have been overbooked (for the bloody festival) and no couchsurfer replied. Even more, Annas cell phone went off so I couldn't reach her... As I was mentally preparing to sleep in the park, she just spotted me per pure chance on the street - hooray. Got to sleep in her brother's room then Well, after that? Next morning she helped me upgrade the BlackInck.de-translation, and eventually I left town and had to wait an eternity (how it felt) for a ride - and through the bloody fucking wind I got another cold, thats now the FOURTH one in the last two weeks! This is slowly taking "SICK OF IT" on a whole new level. But eventually I got a ride to Arthur's Pass, where I visited Rob working at the restaurant and his flatmate even offered me to stay in the flat for the night (saved the hostel ) And, yeah, it was great! Really enjoyed having someone to talk with and stuff like that. The Keas, native parrot birds, also were kinda cool.

Then, the next day, of course - no ride, so I had to pack my stuff and start walking. On the map, it won't look so far. It was maybe about 5 kilometers. BUT IT'S A FUCKING MOUNTAIN TRACK. I was dead like hell, then it started raining and it was still 14 kilometers to the next town (that I knew contained nothing of interest). I was already ready just to lay down and die, when someone just out of the blue stopped to take me straight to Hokitika (may the light bless him!)

And, well, that was yesterday, so today I'm stuck again in Hokitika, earning some money, which is exactly what I'm gonna do soon. Hopefully I get as much as I hope I will. After Hokitika, it's Westport. After that, Golden Bay. Then Nelson, and then Westport. And then back. At some time. Whatever.

Miss you.

21.1.08 22:22


Hey, everyone, writing straight out of Westport (Yeah, I came that far). So, it's been a long time, but internet is expensive, so I'll make it short - the day after the last entry I was just busking and roaming around in Hokitika, exactly like the other days. On the 25th, I had a little "gig" in the local pub, but that was smaller than it sounded - just sat in the corner playing. But that for a long time, not near worth the money I got. Robert - never complain about long recording sessions... I played TEN AND A HALF fucking hours that day! So much for that, well, yeah. Since yesterday I'm in Westport now, making again good money and hoping to get back asap. Eating sandwiches. And celebrating that Roland Koch is hopefully out. Yeehaw.

See you then.

28.1.08 10:04

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