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Seems like I somehow got here. Jetlag didnt kick in because I was fucked and wasted anyway, slept now until i felt better and it seems like things keep on rolling. So far theres not much to write about, Im good and I start to overcome my paralyzing bananaphobic. Starting tomorrow morning Ill be away, backpacking around, so there wont be word from me for awhile - but what the fucking hell. Ill be back... "Staerker als jemals zuvor", gelle, Rob?


"The roaring plane
Sounds like an audience
Your words remain
But my decicion they wont change
This flight is for the brave
This flight is for the brave
This flight was for the brave
So no moonlight'll have to die"

13.10.07 03:45

Sweet as.

Yeehaw, Kris is back again to make an entry. Much to tell, but I dont quite exceed in this, so I'll make it rather short - we skipped Auckland and went by bus to Tauranga, from there on we hitchhiked (with quite an amount of luck and a hitchhiker sign "ANYWHERE!" over Te Puke down to the Bay of Plenty where we set up our tent. But as we were quite off our path then, we hitchhiked back the next day, and we were lucky to find Ben, a great guy, who took us all the way down to Rotorua and, as there was a storm outside with rain and shit, offered us to stay until it cleared up. The same evening we had a great experience when he took us out to get into some hot sulfide springs at night (like WOW!) and the next day we tramped over to the lake, as Ben even lend us his car (amazing guy, I tell you...) Well, so today we left him and now we're looking for someone to couchsurf as its still raining as hell over here and it seems like it won't clear up for awhile - and all the wwoofing farms already got someone... Well, what the fuck. We'll get somewhere. See ya later.


Ah, and Rob: keep my updated about how the records are going  

18.10.07 00:53

Funky Chicken Pizza

Kris coming in from TAUPO, thats right, Taupo. Spent the last few days right here couchsurfing with David, and now we're on the road again, probably heading for Hawke's Bay for some cheap job because we're getting broke. Been some interesting days here, chilled out much and I'm still fighting my cold...

Well, anyway. I get to understand the Kiwi mentality more and more. The people are quite friendly, but somehow superficial. They help you out without complaints when you need a ride, but they always need the TV running to have some blabbering in the background. And they have pizza called "Funky Chicken" or "Double Cheeseburger".

I tasted both and couldn't say why they are called so... Whatever.

What else? Tramping in the forest, up on a mountain. Great view - it had been when we hadn't been surrounded by clouds. Otherwise just chilling.

And now on the road again and in the need for work. Pics will follow. 

22.10.07 22:43

Du ju tink ju ken tell?

Heya, it's me again (guess whut). Seems we're still alive, although it's quite difficult at the moment... We got a hitchhike to Hawke's Bay, Napier to be exact, and now spend our time there since then. Folks, it's incredible over here. Our first thought was like "It's Florida!" Palm trees, warm weather, a cool pebble beach and stuff and everything... Couchsurfed once with a guy in one of the suburbs, the next day didn't sleep at all...

We met Kane, a busker on the streets here and got to talk to him, and it turned out he was lining up with some other guys because one shop would dump-price jewelery the next day... So we spend our night there, talking, playing guitar, suddenly one guy came down and made us hot tea... Whatever... The next day we bought three pieces of quite ugly jewelry for seven dollars (they were worth 350 dollar!), tried to resell them and realized we won't ever get a good price for "second-hand" earrings. Finally we got 30 bucks for them. Whatever. Good enough!

All after all, we spend two days on the beach after that (meaning also the nights...), met a bunch of friendly french people who took us to a beach and invited us for lunch, we practiced a lot and, well, yeah, probably we'll stick around with Kane when he comes back to Napier. Today we slept well, yesterday we were awakened for the first time at 3 A.M. when it started raining (we hid underneath some benches) and the second time around 6 A.M. when some drunk hobo had the need to tell us about his problems...

You actually meet interesting people here, interesting like "cool" and like "argh". Like Amy, who just picked us up yesterday to spend the day jamming at her house. Or that weird guy who suddenly one evening came up, asked if he could borrow the guitar, played a HORRIBLE version of Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here"... walked around a corner and was gone. Weird guy.

Rob: You'll never guess who Kane is friends with and also already jammed with.
Jack Black.
We'll be performing "Tribute".

Well, Antje got a strong back pain, so I gotta go take a look for her... We're stuck in this kinda cool hostel now, but we need cash... wish us luck everyone! See you then...

28.10.07 01:10