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Wellington Blues Reloaded

Ooookay, so I gotta write another one, I know... just updated the travel map, but I got an assload of stress around here, I'll make it a little shorter than usual.
After leaving Westport, I got more or less directly up to Motueka, to get the sand and the springs, and had a real hitchhiking frenzy - never waited more than about 10 minutes for a ride, so I was able to get from Westport to Motueka, visit the Pupu Springs (the clearest springs in the world, only the water underneath the antarctical shelf is clearer - it's an amazing view, there are mirrors on the waterside to be able to see underwater and you can see hundreds of meters!), and after that even to get back to Kaiteriteri Beach near Motueka, which is said to be the most beautiful beach in the world. I wouldn't totally agree, but, yeah, spent the night there, stole some sand and had hours of metaphysical discussions with some more or less fanatical christians, because the campsite was CCNZ - Christian Camping New Zealand. Some more reasons to DISLIKE organized religion. Whatever - the day after I moved on to Nelson, not busking, because there was already a guy who looked like a mixture of Jesus and Gandalf playing the flute. But I got a pretty cool backpacker hostel to put up my tent and the following day, I busked about three hours - got about 10$ per hour, so not THAT amazing... in the evening, Katha arrived and we spent some time talking with other people from Wellington, I had to change the hostel because there were ANTS everywhere, about a few dozen crawling over my tent trying to get in... The other hostel was slightly more expensive, but they offered free ice cream and chocolate pudding every evening - turned out the ice cream was just a little splash and the chocolate pudding tasted like bread... Whatever, the following day I got nearly NOTHING busking, but some people started throwing in trash in my guitar case again and I totally snapped, packed my stuff and left town heads over heels (what, in retrospective, I really regret. Really had liked to spend more time with Katha, but whatever). I was told I could get  a job at the co-hostel in Picton, so that was where I was heading. But the black day wasn't over yet - I walked FIVE HOURS without getting a hitchhike, when I finally got one, it was just for about ONE KILOMETER, and I had stomach cramps that got worse and worse. Finally (check travel map to see how long I walked!) I found someone, who dropped me off in Spring Creek. Of course, in the meantime it started to heavily rain, so I was standing there, freezing, in my rain coat, trying to get to Picton. As noone was driving past, I phoned the hostel, just to learn that they don't need staff for about a few weeks. 
Soo, whatever - in the end I got to Picton, got a discount on the ticket for the ferry because of the weather (stormy like hell, but I'm still alive - was quite rough though) and arrived about 2:30 in Wellington. Plus, on the ferry I met some guys I met earlier in Wellington and learned that the whole flat share where I thought I could rent in has MOVED TO AN UNKNOWN LOCATION. Luckily, one of the guys offered me to sleep at his place for the night, what I did. Well, since then I'm with Calum from NZPC, trying to repair and sell my keyboard and still looking for a place to stay for a week or so, because I really think I'm getting on his nerves - probably will be moving on today, cross fingers I find some place to stay... See you, space cowboy. Til next time.
8.2.08 00:58


Creepy faces gaze at me from all eight walls
As my pet ghost Harvey goes astray
To pray
A spider laughs that it's all about bowling balls
As the reaper pours my tea away
Earl Grey

You see it is just a habit
And friendly funky rabbits
See them? Well that might be 'cause they're wearing stealth
They just want to assure me
That I'm hunky-dory
And you don't need to worry
'bout my mental health

Guess you might me jealous 'cause you can't see John
You know, the leader of the peanut demon crew
He's blue
The devil picks a soul out of the prong
And moans 'bout who he can see right through
It's you

Both my weary eyes are searing
The phantoms keep appearing
See them? They whine 'bout accumulated wealth
The sight is pretty gory
And I'm really sorry
But just don't you worry
'bout my mental health

The pills I get scare off the jitter
The doctors want to make me quit her
My corpse bride telling me these stories
Well, my eyes remain wide burning up
My eyes remain wide burning up

Now my tin god just has told me who you are
That you're really only one of them
You scam!
Can't you see they fill your head with tar
Their spawns are eating up your brain
But I'm sane
I'm sane!
I'm sane!
I'm sane!
I'm sane!
I'm sane!
I'm sane!

i'm sane

8.2.08 05:03


The weather is weird.
So is the cat. And certain films.
I most certainly am, too.

That's probably how you could resume the last days. After having written "Mental Health" I left Calum's flat and managed to get back to Matt and the guys I just met on the ferry and rented myself a little room at their flat for 15 bucks a week. That was Saturday. The next days I did nothing much - except for working for NZPC, updating archives, trying to keep on track on the keyboard that's currently selling on Trademe and bugging the Cuba Street Guys about the fucking power adapter they still got with them. Buggers. They can't find it, and I'm unwilling to pay 30$ for a new one, so I probably will have to chase away a few customers. The price is at 50$ at the moment. I paid 20$ for the repair.

Well, anyway, tuesday I went shopping and had a great day - I got six shopping bags and all of them (!!!!!) ripped open on the first 500 meters after the supermarket. Remember, the flat of the guys is up in Kelburn, that means about an hour walk through the mountains. Then my guitar bag also ripped open.
Then it started raining.
Then I got slightly uncomfortable with the situation... But all in all I got back using the bus and meeting two cute girls. But whatever.

Matt's cat is weird, did I mention? Her hobby is running around cluelessly, catching cicadas and carrying them around for hours with them still buzzing like hell (you ALWAYS know where the damn cat is at the moment!), and the only thing more weird was the film by Werner Herzog we saw the day before yesterday, called "Fata Morgana". Seriously, it's so random, it's weird. Maybe if you smoked a few joints, are totally drunk and it's 5 in the morning, it MIGHT make sense. But I just got a laughing cramp over the randomness that probably is supposed to have an "artistic" effect.

For the weather: NZ is currently stricken by a pretty mean draught, lakes are searing, farmers are going bananas about their crops... And it's hot and humid all the time so you just wanna lay down and do nothing. And that's probably what I'm gonna do this evening, first i gotta go to the supermarket get a box for shipping the keyboard... and then maybe having breakfast. (It's 5:11 in the afternoon over here and I got up at nine in the morning... somehow I got rid of the weird habit of "eating".)

Miss you guys. Hope everything is alright with you, Rob! Don't fuck up, okay?


"When all this is over
Heaven knows I'm going nowhere
I was only dreaming
Censored for a deeper meaning"
(Zeromancer - Hollywood)

14.2.08 05:12

Hit the road, Jack

Just a little entry, because there is not too much new stuff...
Today I managed to finally sell the keyboard I was haggling around with so much. Not via trademe, because they just bid up from 50 to 51$. No, back to Cash Converters for 50$, but I don't have to worry about shipping and shit... It's been cursed with this thing, like in a video game when you put on a cursed item and you can't put it off again and you have to see a priest to exorcise it... Whatever.
I read John Keel's "Mothman Prophecies" and am not too impressed, but it is definitely food for thought. And I'll be kicked out of the crazy cat flat tomorrow, meaning without the keyboard I can MOVE ON. Yeehaw. Direction Rotorua or Napier or New Plymouth or somewhere else. Four weeks to go.

Oh, and btw, Rob: Sorry, neither cables nor video games available. Sorry


Playing: Fury in the Slaughterhouse - Warchild 

18.2.08 04:01


Wenn der Mond sein Licht verliert
Dich die Sonne nicht mehr waermt
Wenn aus Zwergen Riesen werden
Die Welt von alten Helden schwaermt
Wenn die Schatten laenger werden
Wenn dir der Hass die Luft abdrueckt
Worte tief im Herzen brennen
Und du spuerst du wirst verrueckt

Wenn die Tage laenger werden
Spinnen ihre Netze ziehn
Wenn alle Worte schon gesagt
Dann ist es an der Zeit zu fliehn
Wenn das Grollen lauter wird
Falsche Toene pltzlich Kunst
Feiglinge zu Goetzen werden
Dann ist hier kein Platz fuer uns

 (In Extremo - Segel setzen)


Am in Napier. Busking doesn't work. Thought about doing applepicking.


Everything fucked up. I remet Kane, still doing the same stuff, sleazyly trying to get laid, but I noticed he changed his busking-style around 180 degrees - he copied exactly the style I was trying to do when I was in Napier the first time... And so I get no money because everyone's just tuned in to Kane. What else? The lonelyness is causing me again to talk to myself, and the people I meet are getting more and more exchangable... If I knew at least how many days are left... I miss you all.

And I'm running out of money... and patience.

20.2.08 05:36


Just a short entry, because there was not too much that happened. Napier was kinda shit, like I wrote in the last entry, Kane just acted like the usual dick and I left, and well, after a couple of rides I got to Rotorua, Jessica from Couchsurfing is my host at the moment and I wanted to go to a hot spring nearby, but it's raining. Maybe I'll go anyway, I'm bored. And, well, seems I'll be coming back already on the fourth of March, same time as last flight. So that's all for the news so far, I think. Ah, not really - finished a new song and gonna post the lyrics just afterwards. I think Rob will really like the song So see you then, space cowboy! Update of the travel map will be done when I get to a PC - this is just a Mac and I dont know how to do picture editing on this one... ^^

Did you forget to take your meds?"

22.2.08 00:04

Title - still haven't got a good one

The faces turn away
And again and again and again
They make me feel that I'm
Not welcome

A cloud conceals the sun
And a shadow is cast on my face
The sun is breaking through
So seldom

The cars keep speeding by
So they don't have to see
My heart is hurt and sore
It's bleeding

The darkness overspreads
And again and again and again
I feel I have no choice
I'm leaving


So I have to get away from here
I won't wait to join the crowd
When they're leaving
This is why I'll get away from here
There's no shadow of a doubt
And it's all that is on my mind
And it's all that is on my mind


They all keep running past
The faces frozen close
Into an eternal frown
For tomorrow

Black shades conceal their eyes
So I don't have to glimpse
The emptiness beyond
So hollow

When fools and liars and jerks
Get worshipped as their gods
And ignorance becomes
Their wisdom

When they preach the art of con
And praise the art of abuse
And deceit becomes their gift
I won't listen


This is why I'll get away from here
I won't wait to join the crowd
When they're leaving
So I'll have to get away from here
There's no shadow of a doubt
And it's all that is on my mind

So I have to get away from here
I won't wait to join the crowd
When they're leaving
This is why I'll get away from here
There's no shadow of a doubt
And it's all that is on my mind


Your feelings are a lie
You linger all alone
Your smiles have turned to dust
Your hearts have turned to stone


So I have to get away from here
I won't wait to join the crowd
When they're leaving
This is why I'll get away from here
There's no shadow of a doubt
And it's all that is on my mind
And it's all that is on my mind


They still are running past
Their faces like a mask
It feels not right, it feels
Just random

The faces turn away
Again and again and again
They make me feel that I'm
Not welcome

22.2.08 00:20

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