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News from Napier

Heya, its been a while, and I dont have much time, so I'll make it short, summarizing the points that some people seem to have missed.

YES, I am in New Zealand. Really. No joke. New Zealand, like next to Australia. I'm travelling around, camping or sleeping on the street. Really. ;P

That done, we will be moving on tomorrow (that is Antje and me). We founded a little street band, "Good Enough", and busked (street music) for a living - and it fucking works! Tomorrow will be Hastings, then rough direction Wellington.

What else? Interesting people, unbelievable experiences and very few mails from home (SHAME OVER YOU!) Got myself a new book and am gonna go to bed - after we just lined in on McDrive by foot and ate underneath the stars in a little park between palms, a gold fish pond and ducks.

Good night everyone, see you later. 

9.11.07 13:07

Wellington Blues

Hey there, just a short entry... we successfully escaped Napier and hitchhiked straight through to Wellington, where I froze myself to death on a windy couch (my sleeping bag had been locked in the room of a flatmate...), so I got a nasty cold (yeah, again). Luckily we found Jake and his mum who took us in for a few days so I could recover my cold and Antje her back thats been hurting again... So far for today, more soon.

Nine Inch Nails - The Beginning

14.11.07 05:25


Well, hell yeah. Were apparently still in Wellington, and things dont run as smooth as I wanted them to, whatever... Geez.

First, to ALL persons who read this: Please check your Anti-Spam-Lists, namely Jenny, Reaven and Robert! I tried to send you emails, but the emails came back as rejected, maybe theres been a virus or error or something. (Or my GMX just spacks around, also possible...) So, whatever. We got this flat here where we probably gonna book this little room (VERY little) for sleeping for 30 Dollar a week plus 5 Dollar for internet and electricity... So good cut, eh? Busking is OFF, Wellington is drowning in buskers and we cant earn a single dollar with it here. Have to get a job as dishwasher or something.

Hate it.

Hate it.

Hate it.

In other news, there are no other news I havent written in the emails, concerning their adressates, eh? Miss ya all.


Oh, btw, I wrote a new song. Maybe Ill do some records and put it online (maybe Black-Inck-compatible?) 

17.11.07 00:12

No Mail!

So, another time: I CANT WRITE EMAIL AT THE MOMENT. Robert, Jenny, Reav: Check your blacklists, I already asked GMX support whats wrong. Sorry for the inconveniences.



And I played piano today.


18.11.07 04:17

November Sunshine Rain

So, it seems like its still time for a short update about me traveling. What happened so far? We're still in Wellington and will be for awhile. I found plenty of good books in the library as well as a piano room - now I just need something to record the new songs... Speaking of which, Black Inck is doing good and against all rumors, there is NO breaking up as less as I am going to be replaced (or am I? Did I miss something?)

In other news, I tried to get a job as a pianist in a bar or hotel or restaurant, but I failed (as I was struck to the ground - end Tenacious D reference). I just handed out some flyers about giving piano lessons, maybe someone will answer, until then I hope I'll get a job above minimum wage, maybe translator or something like that. What else? Luana is just on a track outside Wellington and I'm able again to send email. In still other news, I'm getting fucking tired (over here its already 11:21, nearing midnight...) and tomorrow will be a tough day full of looking for jobs, so I'll call it a night soon. Georg, a german guy who just crashed here yesterday and will today will just come home in about 20 minutes, then I'll call it quits.

Rob: Forget to tell you, watch out for a movie called "Yukai Wars". Seems to be quite cool one (japanese Fantasy).

So far for the news. What else is up? I'm sitting here on this soft leather couch in the lounge of this cool flat share, the couch that is cool for sitting upon it but far too soft to sleep upon, and am thinking. About going to bed soon, about not having anyone to talk about certain things, about the feeling of being too replaceable. Since I left, everything goes on the way it did. People stop writing email, just as they were forgetting about you. On meetings very important to me, I don't feel missed but more like just another line in the section "absent". Many people who I thought really care about me don't even answer to my email, read the blog or give any fuck in any other way (are they HAPPY I'm gone?) And everything important to me back home is like slipping out of my hands. It's like the George Harrison song - "Life goes on within you and without you"... But what will I find when I come back? Even until now I changed so far, I made so many experiences that when I had to come back tomorrow, I'd still say it was the right decision to come over here. And there are more to come, not to mention celebrating Christmas in the hottest summer (I keep on forgetting you guys are actually freezing in late autumn!) But, well... there gotta be a time after the summer, and that's what I'm a little afraid of. To eventually lose the few things I actually left behind. Or to already have lost them. So what am I heading up to? Going back to a place where people learned to get along without me? My newest song is called "A decent lection of replaceability". Bad omen?


"I dreamed I was missing
You were so scared
But no one would listen
Cause no one else cared

After my dreaming
I woke up with fear
What am I leaving
When I'm done here?"

(Linkin Park - Leave out all the rest) 

22.11.07 11:35

May the sun never blind our eyes!

Yeehaw, just a short entry, again, but I dont have much time, just wanted to give a little feedback.

I THOUGHT I had a job at a bar, but that didnt work out and so I'm still kinda unemployed, but I got a one-shot-job (redesigning and translating a flyer) and after that, volunteer work for a cool organization - the NZPC, New Zealand Prostitute Collective. Yeah, I know what you guys think, but the people there are cool and it's really pushing forth my horizon just looking at this "business" from the other side.

And don't worry, I'm just doing paperwork and translating. Honestly.

In other news, I'm really disappointed by some people who make promises they don't keep and who seem to rate cash payment higher than trust in friends. You know who I refer to, Rob. Don't worry, we'll rock this, and if we just use the arm and the ribs, there'll be more soup.

In still other news, I'm hungry. Toast. SHIT! I FORGOT MY TOAST!



29.11.07 08:53